Monday, January 25, 2010

Postcards for the doll's and bear fair

I spent some time, last week, to make postcards. I wanted to sell them at a fair this week-end.
It was the first doll's and bear fair I participated. And you know what?
I did not sel one post card!!: ( (They where not expensive!)
And not one bear neither : ((((
I am a bit disappointment and am wondering if I should even bother joining some more, Grrrr
Please cheer me up?


Pearly Queen said...

yes, that happens to me too - and it doesn't seem to be anything to do with prices...

...just not the right buyers, I guess.

Anyway, I love your bears!

Mireille Begijn said...

Je mag de moed niet opgeven,op z'on beurs zien de bezoekers heel veel mooie spullen en weten ze soms niet wat te aanhouder wint.
Groetjes Mireille

Victoria said...

I know it was some time ago, so I'm sure you are probably over the disappointment but I just wanted to say that I love every single one of your bears and so does my daughter. We are already trying to decide whether we want Whimsky or Happy bear next after we get Snoeff. I think your work is beautiful. I could fill every corner of my house with your fluffy people :) and the postcards are absolutely gorgeous, too - love the patterns. Please keep up the great work!

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