Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I would love to say, I am reorganising my bear studio!
But that's the whole point!
I don't have a bear studio!
So, my bear studio is in the living room, but our bedroom is in the living room to and the television is in the living room, and the computer!!
(We have a small house and a lot of children!
5 children to be exact :)
We have a big "atelier" in the garden, where my husband works and me to, when I am drawing (illustration work)
I cannot put my sewing machine over there. H would not be happy!! When he is sketching.
So the living room is always a mess.
Being a bear maker and sewing clothes, embroidering things, having a lot of books, brings in a lot of stuff!
Mohair, ribbons, tons of lovely cottons, yarns,(all sorts) buttons, sewing materials, sewing machine and!
A lot of boxes to store all this stuff!
Now I bought myself (In the sales corner) of IKEA a little cupboard and I stuffed all my mohair in it, all my ribbons(Almost)(not near), a few of my books(Bear books) A lot of fabric (the most beautiful)
and....some little bears and things to decorate. I love love love it.
Nearly all the ,lying about boxes" are in there, and it isn't even "packed"
There is still some ,air, between things.
You can not believe how much stuff a little cupboard can take!
And everything is together.
I just wanted to share some pictures.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silkiesue swap

I made this pussman to swap her with a lovely bear from Silkie sue blogspot.
She is an English illustrator and makes  lovely toys.
I would like to swap with Stanley, (he has always been my favorite) But unfortunally Stanley is already adopted.
I hope Sam would want to make a similer one. Stanley reminds me of my own dog Milan. Thats why!
I inspired my pussman on her Silkiesue (cat) and
I think it would make a nice swap.
I am still going to crochet a jumpsuit for Silkiesue to give her more grey!
I had difficulties adjusting the colourdye.
She is a littlebit to much ginger now!

I hope Sam likes her!
I am a bit nervous about this post!!
I am not going to mail Sam, I want her to discover this post as a surprise :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


I was not sure what to think about him, but she says he's cute.
Never the less, I am not going to put him up for sale. 
He reminds me of a ... koala??

Friday, August 13, 2010


A new bag and  a new rabbit.
This rabbit is made of short pile mohair, hand dyed.
I love the delicat pink colour.
He has been gently aged. He is 11,5" high (29 cm)
He is called bonker because he is crazy and wild and  little funny.
Vintage look.
He will be for sale on etsy and bearpile.