Thursday, July 1, 2010

little Tim(Adopted)

The smallest bear I have ever made, he is a little over 6".
It was really difficult for me!
I prefer making my bears a little bigger.

As soon I embroidered his paws,, Tim will be for sale on Etsy and bearpile for 110USD


Lori Ann C. said...

Little Tim is too sweet!!
He looks like he would like to stop and smell the flowers!

Aren't those little ones quite a challenge? I make small ones too...but at times I'm all fumble fingers!

Lori Ann

KristiKringle said...

Hi! Are you going to be selling little Tim? I think he is precious.

KristiKringle said...

Thank you Danielle for Little Tim! (and if anyone else is reading this- I bought Tim as a birthday present for myself while Whimsky was my birthday present from my husband.) :)
I love him and think he is adorable. He loved traveling with Whimsky. :)
His ribbon is beautiful too. I love
everything you make and feel so blessed to have 2 of your sweet creations. XXXOOO