Monday, March 14, 2011

New orphans blog

The online show is finished now.
Unfortunatly only one bear has found a home. :(
But I am not complaining, I had a huge amount of first time visitors and I had some new subscribers to new bears.

 I decided to keep the show page to try and sell bears directly, instead of the bearpile and Etsy shop.
So please visit the orphans if you are interested on my "available bears blog"


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, your work makes me smile! Love your stuffies, they are to die for... XOXO Melissa

sreetzbears said...

~I'm sorry to hear that you have some orphans left from the show.~I don't know why,I thought they were all wonderful and cheery with their pretty coloring.I think it is a fantastic idea to turn the showpage into a selling blog*I was thinking the same thing myself!I will have my pics running up&down,not side by side as I had great problems with this for the show.Best of luck with your new selling blog,I think it will be a success!HugsxxxSharie

Andylynne said...

I would love to look but it says you have to be invietd. Maybe next time :)

pussman said...

Hello Andylynne, I had to close the page because it had the same URL as the show page.
At the moment I am copying this page to another blog! I will publish this as soon as possible.
Sorry about this!
If you send me your email, I can invite you to see the locked page.