Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hugglets september 2013

First time I joined and I loved it, I think I will be back :)
And I was happy to meet Graeme from applepiehouse and he took some bears in from me to sell  :)
You can visit them "here"

 Dying some more wool and mohair to sell
 2 of the new bears

 It,s a pity but I have really bad pictures this time, I had little time and was alone on the fair, so I could not walk around to picture all the boots, sorry :(

 My neighbour the fair, tiny bears, They are so well made, and so tiny :)

I sold this one, Only have one picture, his name was Michel
These will be at apple pie house, the blue cat is Bellinda Kitty
A new red one , also at apple pie house

Thove have all moved to applepiehouse

Bye London, and now we want to go to Paris  :)

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Tracy said...

Your bears are fabulous, I am in love with so many of them! I'm predicting a future home for a few of them over at tracystoys.

I really enjoyed seeing your Hugglets photos. I've always wanted to attend: maybe some day!