Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentino (adopted)

This bear was meant for Valentine day, but I finished him yesterday evening and it was to late to post him on my blog, so here he is, a day later :)



Cathyraggedy said...

Hi little Valentino you are so beautiful and i really like your color. big hugs

Zara said...

Hi! Oh, your toys are so adorable!! What lovely Valentino bear! Do you sell your designs?
Thank you for stopping by at my blog, glad you loved Julsen creations, too!

pussman and co said...

Hi Zara,
Thanks for your comment, i have a shop on etsy and on bearpile to sell most of my designs, :)
you can find the links on my blog, but here is one:
I love your blog, you have a good eye for color, and real great pictures, certainly to my taste. Bye

Zara said...

Thank you for the kind words, Danielle! You are always welcome! I have already bookmarked your shop. Hope to buy some of your cuties one day soon! :)