Sunday, February 28, 2010


Whimsky is a very happy, carefree hand dyed mohair rabbit!
He enjoys all good things in life and is always in a good mood.
He is for sale in my etsy shop.
He is 30cm high,ears included.
He has woolen striped trousers and a scarf and a  vichy red ribbon.
Glass eyes, cotton nose, gently aged and jointed with 5 cotter pins.
He is hoping for a new home.
this rabbit is for sale at Bearpile and etsy 


Sam said...

Cuteness...I love the wooly trousers!

Sam xx

Sam said...

Thankyou very much for your nice comments about about my new 'bear making!'
I have been looking about on blogland for sometime now at bear artists itching to have a go my self!

I don't know whether its worth trying to make some to sell, as Its quite an expensive hobby and my house will be rather crowded with furry friends!
Bye for now Sam xx

PS ...I'm still going to save some pennies for a 'bear cat!' xx

Raggy Rat said...

love love your rabbits' faces ! and plump cuddly bodies xxx

Kristi said...

I love the rabbit and his name! So adorable with such a fun personality to him! I am happy to find you today out here in Blogland. :)