Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snoeff (SOLD)Snoeff will be travelling soon to Italy(lucky boy!!)

this bear is for sale at Bearpile and etsy

10"( 25cm)


Sam said...

Hello Again!

I wish I had made that Rabbit...I think the picture is from a museum of childrens books...I LOVE the Velveteen Rabbit and I have just bought some lovely grey Mohair as I want to have a go at making a little bunny...so if he comes out ok maybe we can do a toy swap... !! xxxx

Bye for now
Sam xx

PS I can't believe you have only been making bears for 4 months ...Wow you are really good!!!

Lynn said...

Oh wow, your bears are AMAZING !!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you have the Beatrix Potter book, I am so in love with it :)

Victoria said...

Oh how I love this little bear (Snoeff)! You are so talented! Unfortunately it's not suitable for children, otherwise I would definitely be adopting him. I'm looking for a cute little unique friend for my 5-year old daughter who is very gentle with her toys but still loves to cuddle up with them at night. Do you have anything that could work for us, please? We love vintage looking animals. Thank you! Victoria

pussman said...

Hello Victoria,
I understand your conceern.
We are required to put "not suitable for small children"
at the bears descriptions because they have eyes that could be swollowed when little children would suck on them and also because off the cotterpins to join the limbs that could come out when they would be cut off, but the bear is very strong and I would think it's safe to give it to a carefull 5 year old. In the past all the bears where made like this!
Off course you can not put the bear in the washing machine I guess but you could wash him with a damp cloth and then dry hm with a hairdryer or put him on a radiator.
I hope this explenation helps?

pussman said...

Oooh my spelling is really really bad!
I am a bit embarassed!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much for the clarification! He is just so adorable! Luckily my daughter is not the one who would contemplate cutting off paws of any toy :) but I see where the regulators are coming from. I'll be writing to you through BearPile in a bit to talk about practicalities.

Victoria said...

Oh, Danielle! Snoeff is even more gorgeous in real life than he is in the photo! What a cute little darling he is! And his bear smile is to die for :) Thank you so much for getting him to us so efficiently and all your help with the post office! You are a pleasure to work with and I'll definitely be adopting more of your furry friends to keep Snoeff company! Have a lovely day! Victoria