Monday, October 18, 2010


25 cm, 10 "

Hi, Akiko is a ginger mohair teddy cat!
Her name means: Born in Autumn.
So it suits her
She has lovely brown glass eyes and a cotton embroidered nose. She is fully jointed with 5 cotter pins.
As all my teddy cats have, she has a long tail wich makes it very easy for her to sit on her own.
She is gently aged and wears an orange ribbon.
Her paws and feet are velvet.
She is filled with polyester fiber

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teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Ciao cara collega,

amo molto tuo stile e sono sempre felice di vedere tue nuove creazioni.Grazie per commento e per apprezzare miei bears, amo molto mio lavoro e metto tanto amore dentro di loro.

Ciao da Vwenezia