Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 2 (adopted)

Happy 2
By Pussman & co

10"( 25cm)

Hello, This is Happy 2, Because he is a remake of a previous bear called Happy. I tried to copy him as much as I could, but there will always be differences as it is all made by hand! And it was so long ago.
Happy 2 is made with blue, vintage looking, sparse German mohair. He is fully jointed with cotter pins and has pearl button eyes, A nose embroidered in wool.
He is a cute looking fellow and hoping to be adopted by someone dear to him.
His hat is also made by me with a printout of one of my bird paintings. That is a real gyed feather on top of the hat.

1 comment:

KATI said...

He looks funny! I like his vintage style mohair fur and nice button eyes! The hat is perfect for him!