Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silkiesue swap

I made this pussman to swap her with a lovely bear from Silkie sue blogspot.
She is an English illustrator and makes  lovely toys.
I would like to swap with Stanley, (he has always been my favorite) But unfortunally Stanley is already adopted.
I hope Sam would want to make a similer one. Stanley reminds me of my own dog Milan. Thats why!
I inspired my pussman on her Silkiesue (cat) and
I think it would make a nice swap.
I am still going to crochet a jumpsuit for Silkiesue to give her more grey!
I had difficulties adjusting the colourdye.
She is a littlebit to much ginger now!

I hope Sam likes her!
I am a bit nervous about this post!!
I am not going to mail Sam, I want her to discover this post as a surprise :)


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Adorable kitty! I am sure Sam will love him! Love the whiskers on your doggy. Gives lots of personality to his face.

Sam said...

I found this by accident!!!


I will make you a stanley...anything!!

Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sam said...

Ooooo I'm back again!!

Stanley shall be yours xxx


pussman said...

Thanks Sam!!
I am glad you like her!
I wolud be happy with Stanley!:)

I finished her jumpsuit yesterday evening, will post it later.

Zhanna said...

gorgeous little cat :) Amazing colors and shape!