Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An order for a red rabbit!(adopted and going to live in Tchechië)

A friendly lady was so fund off whimsky and didn't have the chance to adopt him because he was already adopted. So she asked if I could remake him!
I tried to but was a little bit nervous,
Whimsky was handdyed and I was not sure wich colours I used. (I always mix colours)And wich mohair???
So I took a chance and it turned out good I guess!
It is a different Whimsky but it is a twin brother I'd say!
His crocheted jumpsuit is antiqued, and is in the dryer and I will put them on in a minute!
I hope the lady will be satified :)
Looking at the screen and trying to match.


suzyspellbound said...

hes tooo cute..

Right you might think I'm a bit mad, but I would really love a teddy cat, inspired by my silkiesue...I know I make teds too, but I love your teddies...

What do you think? could you tell me cost too?



Sam said...

Hi The message above is from me ...SAM at Silkiesue...I jumped on another computer...


So could you message me?

Sam x

pussman said...

Hi, Sam,
I woud like to try and make your Silkiesue, but I am not in to make a realistic looking toy!
I could make you an inspired toy.Vintage looking.
I have already some ideas popping up in my head!
I will make some drawings and mail them to you, maybe tomorrow!?
Sorry for my late answer, but I was so busy today making my new toy! I will post it in a minute :)

Sam said...

Great thankyou!

Ooo I wouldn't want a kind of real life taxidermy toy, just something inspired by Silkie...I know it sounds silly...but I think it would be really cute..

No rush, just let me know what you think..



KristiKringle said...

Thank you for posting these photos of
Whimsky's brother so that I could show Whimsky his brother! :) His brother is adorable too! Whimsky is so happy here with little Tim and sends his best to you! Thanks for everything, Kristi