Monday, August 2, 2010

Ralph (adopted and so happy he is going to live in the UK)

This is Ralph, Ralph is made of very sparse German schulte mohair,he has glass eyes and a cotton embroidered nose. He has a pussman & co tag in his arm. He is very sweet and gentle.
He has a few (false) repairs, to give hime a worn look, but in reality he is a very strong boy.;)
He has a lovely touch and looks much loved and vintage.
Especially in his cotton crocheted jumpsuit that I have designed for him. He is gently aged
He is fully jointed with 5 cotter pins.

Ralph will be for sale on etsy and bearpile.


Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday there are some truly strange caterpillars! I don't know if there's a scarf market for it though.

I wanted to say that lately my craft partner and I have admired your vintage looking crochet. The blanket made with puffy granny flowers was particularly nice!

I always enjoy your blogs, thanks.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

He's gorgeous! Lovely blanket too!

Sam said...

Ralph is my favourite of all your bears , I love his knitted jumpsuit!!

Sam xx

pussman said...

Thanks Sam!
"Jumpsuit" was just the word I couldn't remember!
I changed it quickly!:)

KristiKringle said...

Ralph is beautiful! Also, thank you so much for Whimsky & Tim. They are very wonderful and I am enjoying them so much.

Erika said...

The little outfit is SO cute! Good job!